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The 2 sigma calibration of the radiocarbon date in feature C. Apr at genii in viata tocmai ce-au scos un best-of.. Manic Street Preachers nu e bun?! Ion Nestor gave the name of Wietenberg culture after a hill near Sighişoara.

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These radiocarbon dates definitively 8 Nicolae Chidioşan, Contribu ii la istoria tracilor din nord-vestul României. Arheologie şi termoluminiscen [Floreşti — Polus Center. Cosma, S. Varvara, and M. Gligor Cluj-Napoca: Quantum, Joni Apakidze et al. There are also some other dates which suggest the beginning of Noua culture could have been in the 16th century BC fig.

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The Wietenberg culture represents the main cultural manifestation of the communities that lived in Transylvania during Middle Bronze Age. Ion Nestor gave the name of Wietenberg culture after a hill near Sighişoara.

Based on stratigraphy of the settlement recorded during fieldwork in the s, the culture was divided into three phases. The Otomani characteristics were not treated separately, as before.

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Between Reality and Negation], Apulum 31 : These sites were included by him in Wietenberg IV phase. This chronology differs from the older periodization in the structure of the first phases: phase A was divided in two and nhl dating materials which were previously attributed to the IInd phase e.

Additionally, the B phase includes elements that were previously specific for the IInd phase, but also for the IIIrd one e. We have chosen to use in this study the old periodization, as a result of the confusion created through the attribution of the stippled decoration to the B phase. Chidioşan mentioned the fact that in the settlement at Derşida there was no stippled decoration technique in the levels attributed to the IInd phase.

Berecki, R. Németh, and B. Rezi Cluj-Napoca: Mega, fig.

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Boroffka and T. D — was not based on in situ archaeological data. A series of bronze artefacts specific to Br. D, but without archaeological context, were attributed to Wietenberg IV phase: a rhombic-head pin from Simoneşti,32 where, according to the description, the ceramics belong to Wietenberg II phase;33 two pins with four prominences from Cluj-Napoca,34 where there are mentioned mixed Noua and Wietenberg materials without context;35 a pin with four prominences from Teaca,36 discovered at 0.

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Between Old and New Research], ed. If we are to take into account the dates from Miceşti, the first manifestations of the last Wietenberg phase can be placed by the beginning of the 17th century BC.

The final part of Wietenberg culture is likely marked by the emergence of Noua culture before BC, when, for a short period of time, the two pottery styles coexist. A partial synchronisation of Wietenberg and Noua supported based on discoveries at M h ceni,44 but also the incineration burials at Band, where a Wietenberg IV bowl was deposed together with Noua vessels,45 as well as B c in i, where the Wietenberg urn has Noua buttons on handles.

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The dating of bone collagen provides an accurate means of dating the death of the individual. A long bone fragment was selected from C. Radiocarbon dates from Mice ti-Ciga site. The radiocarbon dates from Miceşti are the first ones made for the Wietenberg IV phase.

Muzeul Jude ean Covasna. Acta Musei Apulensis.

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N s ud AS Acta Siculica. Muzeul Na ional Secuiesc, Sfântu Gheorghe.

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Dar nu ma incanta, ata ete. Am incercat, ca sa nu mor proasta de tot 8 Title: Albume, artisti, formatii. Apr at nu fii dura cu tine Apr at : dap Title: Albume, artisti, formatii.

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