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Good finds of gold were still possible in Conroys in , but it was almost worked out by when a third share in a Chinese claim originally bought for £ went for £5. By the end of October fantastic returns were reported, including a party of four miners each with 3. Lam is mentioned in Don's diary in , sharing a meal with the minister, consisting of pears, pancakes, pork and potatoes. The journal is disseminated within the framework of the exchange between libraries, in the faculties of legal sciences in Romania and abroad, as well as in the research institutes with which the central university library of Romania has conventions. Noble and Paget objected. The Warden ruled against the Chinese, opening the claim to all-comers.

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Gold was discovered in there on 1 October Inspection of the site by Commissioner Keddell revealed a very narrow gorge, with three small basins Muir Flat, Dawsons Flat and Iversons Flat with alluvial plains. By the end of October fantastic returns were reported, including a party of four miners each with 3. By November men were mining the gully over a wide area, with almost every significant alluvial area in the basins worked.

By there were from thirty to forty thousand diggers on the Clutha.

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Prospectors were also successful in Butchers Gully and Blackmans Gullies to the north and south of Conroys respectively. As the easy rich finds tailed off by the mid s miners left for other fields.

Those who stayed applied for residential areas.

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Dawson's claim was some 2. These large claims were worked with a system of ground sluicing and accompanying tail races. They undertook extensive tunnelling with some of the branch tunnels up to feet Water from Conroys Creek was diverted into the tunnels for sluicing. By though, mining was declining.

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By the populations of Alexandra and Clyde were dwindling. About half the mining population at this time was Chinese miners, who worked abandoned claims, tailings and river beaches along the Clutha. Mining alone was no longer a sustainable income source. Miners diversified their activities, and in Conroys Gully this took the form of orcharding. In Mrs Dawson had planted imported fruit trees, which was the beginning of one of the most famous stone fruit orchards in Central Otago.

By the s the orchard had been expanded when William Fraser, owner of Earnscleugh Run within which Conroys Gully was included, offered to release two forty acre 16 hectare blocks.

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In apricot trees were imported from Australia. Previously mined stony ground was reclaimed with soil carted from surrounding hillsides.


There are still stone fruit orchards in the Conroys Gully area. What follows is a general history of their known involvement in the district, rather than an account of any one individual.

The history is indicative of the experience of Chinese miners, of their relationships with the wider community, as well as their closely knit groupings.

Historian John McCraw notes that Chinese miners began to work Conroys gully in the s, going over the tailings abandoned by earlier miners.

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By the s they were getting results. Chinese miners received good returns from a claim Richard Dawson had sold them in for £ In Chinese miners bought James Muir's claim in the upper basin for £40, working the previously unworked ground of the prior homestead and garden area. Competition for water rights was evident in Conroys Gully, and sometimes this brought out thinly disguised racism against the Chinese.

Dawson and Iversen held a clyde 1 dating search head water right from the lower reaches of Conroys Creek. This was of lower priority than the three heads held by William Noble and Craven Paget drawn from the headwaters of the Creek. Noble and Paget had to allow two heads of water to pass for general use. Chinese miners bought Dawson and Iversen's one head water right along with their mining claims. In in a particularly dry season Noble and Paget diverted all the water from Conroys Creek.

The Chinese miners applied to the Wardens Court to force Noble and Paget to release the two heads as they were supposed to.

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Noble and Paget objected. The warden compromised, and ordered one head to flow at all times.

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There was some protest in the paper saying the warden should have stuck to the law and released the full amount of water, and that the lesser judgement was because Chinese miners were involved.

Noble and Paget sold their right to Chinese clyde 1 dating search clyde 1 dating search the neighbouring Butchers Gully. There were some other disputes with European miners. Richard Dawson claimed that You Chow and party were not entitled to an extended claim, recently awarded them by the Warden's Court as the claim was not marked out according to regulations.

He claimed further that the Chinese party was holding in total more area than they were entitled 1 acre per holder of miner's rights.

The Chinese were defended in the Warden's Court by James Rivers, a prominent Alexandra merchant with strong financial interest in mining. Rivers admitted that the claim was not marked out correctly, but argued that the claims were genuine, and that allowance should be made for lack of English and therefore some difficultly in understanding the fine print, and that the Chinese had more olimpii de înotători enough mining rights between them.

The journal publishes scientific articles, original studies and research, synthesis papers in the socio-legal field of professors and students, papers presented in different conferences and sessions of scientific communications.

The Warden ruled against the Chinese, opening the claim to all-comers. The judgement resulted in all parties immediately racing each other back to the claim.

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The Chinese, being prepared for the negative judgement, had a prearranged hand-signalling system and had re-marked the claim before Dawson and the others had even saddled the horses. In it was said that 'all' of Conroys and Butchers Gullies had passed into Chinese hands, and Blackmans Gully was at risk of doing so.

However a Mr Goltz still held a claim in Conroys, and two men had blocked the outlet of this gully by a dam for eight years. Good finds of gold were still possible in Conroys inbut it was almost worked out by when a clyde 1 dating search share in a Chinese claim originally bought for £ went for £5.

The Chinese miners also diversified their activities to provide income from sources other than mining. In Central Otago it was common for a Chinese miner to form a patch of garden to supply first himself, and then perhaps to supply the immediate neighbourhood. James Ng considered that this happened at Conroys Gully.

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Alexander Don mentioned Chinese orchards at Conroys Gully and Speargrass Flat, the fruit trees probably combined with vegetable production, as at Lye Bow's market garden and orchard at Butchers Gully.

Lam is mentioned in Don's diary clyde 1 dating searchsharing a meal with the minister, consisting of pears, pancakes, pork and potatoes. Lam was probably a storekeeper, orchardist, gardener, and possibly a miner as well.


Historian C. Moore mentions clyde 1 dating search Chinese as among the pioneer orchardists, and the remains of some of their orchards were still visible - best known Lye Bow's at Butchers Dam. He mentions that in Conroys Gully the Chinese reclaimed the tailings, clyde 1 dating search carting soil from the hillside by wheel barrows. The tenure review process speed ​​dating bh that the block of land contained sites of both historic and natural value.

The special lease on the land recognises these values and aims at protecting the natural values while allowing public access to facilitate recreation and appreciation of the historic sites. Construction Dates.