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It was a new world all right. I thought the job too important to fluff it off and wrote a few articles under her name. Besides marvelling at the lights, I noticed that there were no fences between the homes.

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All pro forma since neither one of us spent a day of work on his farm. Badea Gligor was a good-hearted man. Windsor offered a rich, social life. Besides a sizeable Romanian community with two churches and a society, there was a very active refugee Cultural Association. Dating on-line timmins ontario the occasion ofthe United Principalities, January 24, the Association organized a festivity with dance and a cultural program.

That affair changed my life since a young lady from Detroit by the name of Florence Gaspar took a shine to me and a common friend introduced me to her and her family. Things evolved rapidly thereafter and three month later we were married by a judge. It took another three months before I got a visa to come to Detroit for the religious ceremony at the St.

George Cathedral in Detroit. I knew about him as a student leader in Romania but I knew nothing about him as a Church leader. The Bishop graciously received us in the kitchen of the big house and treated us to coffee and cake.

The conversation that evolved was strictly two-way between Eugen, God rest his soul since he has since passed to his Creator, and the Bishop.

Those who knew Eugen will remember that he was never short of words, and besides, he seemed to know a lot about the politics ofthe Episcopate. I doubt dating on-line timmins ontario I uttered two words during the entire meeting with the Bishop.

The next day it was back to Windsor for me until three months later when in September of I received my visa from the United States.

It could not have come at a sooner time. At that time the Solia was being printed in Cleveland at the American printshop, and the Bishop made the weekly trip to Cleveland to put out the paper. It would have been much easier for him if the Solia could be printed in Detroit.

Jack Gaspar, my father-in-law. Jack needed help.

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I had no job, nor a trade or profession, and I was a logical printing apprentice in the family business. Until I became more productive at the linotype, Jo Drugociu, also a printer, would help us out. Afterwards, it was just Jack and me putting out the Solia.

Even though the trip to Detroit was much shorter than to Cleveland, the Bishop made two basic changes to Solia. From a 4-page weekly, it became an 8-page tabloid bi-weekly newspaper. So he cut the time-consuming trips in half. I now had biweekly contacts with the Bishop when the Solia was being published. Besides single-handedly writing most of the paper, he also did its administration. Shortly thereafter he asked me to take over the Solia administration, which was a logical request since the Solia office was now located in an office at the printshop.

So after my 8 hours at the linotype or the presses, I went into the office to keep up the correspondence, the subscriptions, and dating on-line timmins ontario mailing list.

It meant every day an additional hour or two at the Solia office.

She did a few articles after which she slacked. I thought the job too important to fluff it off and wrote a few articles under her name. During the Congress at the Vatra I manned the Solia stand which gave me an opportunity to meet face to face with our subscribers. Florence felt neglected, and rightfully so, and I thought that the Solia, being the major client of the printshop, deserved my involvement with it. The stress soon became too much for our marriage and after seven years — the proverbial 7-year itch proved fatal to our marriage; she wanted out.

Another factor that contributed to our breakup was the fact that in the meantime I went back to school and was enrolled at Wayne State University.

dating on-line timmins ontario

My break-up had dire consequences to my extracurricular activities. At the printshop I was underpaid, but I never made an issue out of it, feeling that I was working for the whole family. Now that my marriage had gone to smithereens, I no longer felt the loyalty to the family and dating on-line timmins ontario another job.

I ended up working for the daily Detroit Free Press which did not allow me any more time to work for the Solia. George Cathedral and especially with the United Romanian Society where she was very active. Ann Mercea was an intelligent lady with excellent secretarial skills. Ann did not assume my role as administrator of Solia, only as Secretary of Solia.

In practice she did everything I did except write and correspond with subscribers. Needless to say that I missed my work at the Solia. Occasionally I moonlighted there to help out, especially on publication day.

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And when the printer could no longer service the Solia, His Grace closed shop and moved the Solia to a printshop in New Boston on the outskirts of Wayne County. I became anew associated with Solia inasmuch as my job allowed me to take off one day a month on publication day and put out the Solia.

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Ann Mercea handled the computer for the Romanian articles. I considered that chance encounter as the nicest birthday gift I could have received. Around that time I was going to school and was still involved with the Solia and with St. George Cathedral.

Contrary to my previous wife, Olga had no objections to my extracurricular activities. However, around that time I quit Gaspar Printing and the Solia and took a job as a linotype operator with the daily Detroit Free Press.

Grand Tour of Europe In I took three months off from work and we made an 11 country Grand European tour of 10, miles by car, which included 30 days in Romania. It was a beautiful trip all around, including Romania. The crossing was by boat with the SS France which was an experience by itself. On the return trip we put the car on the boat and brought it back with us to the United States.

While I was no longer involved with the Solia at that time, I was not totally devoid of contacts with the Episcopate.

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I was concerned about what was happening to the older AROY members once they reached the age of 45, the supposedly upper limit of belonging to the organization. The Bishop was not enthused with the idea, fearing that such an organization would drain AROY of its most productive members.

The reality was that such members were leaving AROY in droves with no place to go. While this was happening, I felt that that did not preclude the formation of a third Episcopate auxiliary and I insisted on such an auxiliary.

dating on-line timmins ontario

At the ensuing. That meeting approved the formation of the Orthodox Brotherhood and appointed a member steering committee charged with presenting definitive By-Laws at the next Conference which was scheduled for Detroit. The organization was off and running and I would become involved in it for years to come.

Around that time my new job with the State of Michigan allowed me more leeway and I became anew involved with the Solia. Thus started another long-running collaboration with His Eminence besides the Solia.

While membership into the Center was open to all of Romanian descent, the support came primarily from the Episcopate and its organizations and auxiliaries, a few societies of the Union and League and a handful of generous donors. At the beginning it was a constant struggle to keep the Center afloat. In spite of the promise of a generous Romanian-American lady, Mrs.

Marie McWilliams to leave all her belongings to the Center, the Good Lord endowed her with a long life into the 90s. The support of the Center became critical when His Eminence left for his self-imposed exile in Portugal in With His Eminence no longer on the scene, the support dropped vertiginously.

Promised activities dating on-line timmins ontario support on behalf of the Center fell by the wayside and its income fell by one third. Time and again we appealed to our most generous supporters, Mrs. Sylvia Baia and Mrs. Rucsandra Bota, and they did not let us down. Marie McWilliams passed away in at the ripe old age of 98, leaving as promised all her belongings to the Center, of which a major portion were stocks in oil companies.

It was a most enjoyable visit and we parted with the promise to visit with him again the next year.

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Alas, this was not to be. In January of His Eminence passed away at the young age of 72 following a heart attack.

dating on-line timmins ontario

He was brought back to the States, laid in state at the Cathedral in Detroit and was buried at the Vatra. His tomb has since become a site of pilgrimage for our faithful at the Vatra. In his will he named six trustees to manage the Trust, i.

Sibison, V. Daniel Miclau in that order, with only three to manage the Trust at a time. Only the income from the Trust was to be forwarded to the Center. Nevertheless, with the inheritance from Mrs. Trifa Romanian-American Heritage Center, a suggestion which was approved. That was a big step which required more money and more editorial work, but I felt that the Center deserved that upgrade.

The short, impressive ceremony of the rededi-cation was the culmination of the unanimous desire of the voting members, of the Trustees, and of the Executive Board of the Center, to dedicate the institution in honor of the man who conceived it, dating on-line timmins ontario its first, uncertain steps, and saw to it that it continues in the future through a generous endowment.